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Free Family Guidebook to Senior Living Communities sponsored by Bloom Senior Living

A complete family guide to making an informed decision regarding retirement communities and senior living options. Written by a 30-year veteran operations expert in Senior Housing and author. Learn about the different types of facilities, how they are priced, and how to choose which one is right for your situation. How the isolation of living at home alone can lead to avoidable health problems, tips on dealing with guilt, downsizing possessions and coordinating the move. Explore financial resources and understand what Medicare and Medicaid cover in senior housing. Finally, learn how to deal with caregiver stress and burnout and the family member who says "But I'm not ready yet." 

Family Review
Review by: Karen Doll on March 28, 2013 :     
The ebook "Making the Move to a Retirement Community" is an excellent resource for anyone who is personally considering this option or is the loved one of an elderly family member who needs detailed information on what is available and the obstacles you may encounter.
As a nurse practitioner nearing retirement age, as well as the caretaker for elderly parents, I find this book extremely informative as it guides you step-by-step in the process of selecting the best type of retirement living according to your needs.
I learned that retirement living does not necessarily have to mean assisted-living. I was not aware of the broad range of facilities available, from independent living communities featuring all inclusive meals and activities with home health services that can provide a cushion of care if you need it, to assisted living arrangements and continuing care.
My own parents have lived in the same house for years, and I now see the safety and isolation issues they are facing that can impact their health. Despite their years, they are not ready for assisted living, and I am happy to have learned about the availability of alternative living arrangements so they can enjoy a safer, more social lifestyle without the burden of meal preparation and home maintenance.
The author presents his information in clear concise language and covers all the basics one needs to know to make an informed decision as to how best to handle the transition with the ultimate goal of maintaining independent living for as long as possible.

 Download Family Guidebook
Download Family Guidebook


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